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Kelly James Clark (Editor), Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1997, 6×9″ softbound, 284 pages. 

Time magazine reports on a remarkable renaissance of religious belief among philosophers: “In a quiet revolution in thought and arguments that hardly anyone could have foreseen only two decades ago, God is making a comeback. Most intriguingly, this is happening . . . in the crisp, intellectual circles of academic philosophers. . . . Now it is more respectable among philosophers than it has been for a generation to talk about the possibility of God’s existence.”

Relying on boldness and rigorous thought, the movers and shakers of this “quiet revolution” have developed their theories against the rising tide of strict empiricism. Who are these tough-minded intellectuals, and why have they embraced Christian belief? In Philosophers Who Believe several key thinkers answer this question with unusual candor, warmth and brilliance.

Winner of a Christianity Today book award. This collection of intellectual and spiritual autobiographies will be helpful–even inspirational–for students and teachers of philosophy as well as for readers who are simply curious about the connections between philosophy and Christian faith.

Contributors include:

Alvin Plantinga; University of Notre Dame, considered the world’s leading Protestant philosopher of God. “A Christian Life Partly Lived”

Basil Mitchell; Oxford University, author of such groundbreaking books as The Justification of Religious Belief. “War and Friendship”

Mortimer Adler; Institute for Philosophical Research, renowned for his prolific writings and his work to revive an emphasis on the “Great Books” in higher education. “A Philosopher’s Religious Faith”

Nicholas Wolterstorff; Yale University, whose innovative work has led to invitations to deliver the distinguished Wilde Lectures at Oxford and Gifford Lectures in Scotland. “The Grace That Shaped My Life”

Richard Swinburne; Oxford University, the premier rational apologist of our age. “The Vocation of a Natural Theologian”

Frederick Suppe; University of Maryland at College Park, a premier philosopher of science. “Becoming Michael”

John Rist; University of Toronto, expert on the late Ancient and early Medieval periods of philosophy. “Where Else?”

Linda Zagzebski; Loyola Marymount University, recognized for her work on divine foreknowledge and human freedom. “Vocatio Philosophiae”

Stephen Davis; Claremont McKenna College, author of books on topics ranging from the nature of God to the inspiration of Scripture. “Passing the Baton”

Terence Penelhum; University of Calgary (professor emeritus), acclaimed for research on skepticism and religious belief in the Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment eras. “A Belated Return”

Nicholas Rescher; University of Pittsburgh, prolific author and editor of prestigious scholarly journals. “In Matters of Religion”

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