Wirth, Diane E.

A Challenge to the Critics


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Diane Wirth. Bountiful, Utah: Horizon Publishers, 1986. Hardbound. 6 ¼”x9 ¼”. 153 pgs. ISBN: 0882903128

This carefully documented work refutes falsehoods about the Book of Mormon in an orderly and scholarly manner. Covering a wide spectrum of anti-Mormon claims concerning the Book of Mormon, it systematically exposes fraudulent assertions by presenting irrefutable evidences drawn from the findings of historians, anthropologists and archaeologists. Intriguing topics such as the Smithsonian statement, metal plates, stone boxes, wordprints, chiasmus, and Hebraisms are discussed, as well as early codices, ancient American scripts, and reformed Egyptian.

Other important themes include the Nephite monetary system, the wheel, and the existence of elephants, horses and bees in ancient America. The author also provides evidence and new insights concerning the Jaredite, Mulekite and Israelite origins. The Lehi Tree of Life Stone figures prominently in this discussion, and most significant is the evidence given concerning the coming of Christ to the Americas.

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