Smith, Mark A.

The Power of God

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Shipped directly from the publisher.  Expect a delay in delivery.

Mark A. Smith.  Salt Lake City, Utah:  Eborn Books, 2002.  Hardbound, 6×9″, 201 pages.

The author uses statements by Church leaders and the scriptures to show that the power of God is faith. He explains the difference between the mortal view of faith and the eternal view. The author also examines the exercise of God’s gifts of faith directly, through prayer. Spiritual light is carefully studied to show that it is an attribute of God and the means by which spiritual things are communicated to man. Brother Smith distinguishes between this light and the concepts of testimony, confidence, trust in God, and other attributes. He also reviews the nature of priesthood authority, explaining the differences between inward and outward ordinances and the various functions of the priesthood as they relate to the use of God’s power. Thoroughly researched and precisely annotated, this book provides a truly understandable explanation of faith as a power which God makes available to the righteous.

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