Let’s Talk about Temples and Ritual


Throughout history, God’s covenant people have always participated in ritual worship to remind themselves of God’s love and to enable them to walk a pure, holy, and godly path. One of the ancient practices that the Lord restored through Joseph Smith is the building of temples and administering the accompanying ordinances and covenants. But even though Latter-day Saints understand that ordinances and covenants are necessary for salvation, many―including those who attend the temple regularly―struggle to understand the practice of temple worship. In this book, Dr. Jennifer Lane draws on scripture and the history of ancient and modern temples to share how, in the temple, we can find redemption through Christ. The book also explores the relationship between Freemasonry practices and modern-day temple rituals, the significance of the temple garments, and why the administration of ordinances has changed over time.

Worship in the house of the Lord can help us find answers to questions deep in our hearts. As this book illuminates, through the ordinances and covenants of the temple, Latter-day Saints can come closer to Christ and the abundant life that He offers.


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