Gardner, Richard D.

Creating A Zion Society – Secular & Religious Guiding Principles


Latter-Day Saints hope to help eveyone form better societies, and furthermore, to build Zion. Building Zion requires both heart and mind; a commitment to God’s law of consecration, but also solid secular wisdom. Effective governments follow true, logical principles instead of ever-changing idealism. Creating a secular Utopia is not possible and efforts to do so backfire, ironically creating poverty and misery. Many idealists who hope to improve society are looking for God’s law of consecration, but don’t know it. The Zion it produces is a literal miracle; it defies human nature. Thus, it is not possible in a secular society, but requires covenanting and consecrating Saints under God’s direction, and even then, it is difficult. But we have the opportunity and blessing to build Zion.


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