Harper, Steven C.

Let’s Talk About the Law of Consecration


What is the law of consecration, and who is required to live it? Is it a law relegated to past Saints, or does it apply to members of the Church today? In Steven C. Harper’s book Let’s Talk about the Law of Consecration, you will learn things about consecration that have stayed the same since the beginning and other aspects of the law that have changed over time. One thing that remains the same is the reason for keeping the law: love for God and others, including the poor. In light of temple covenants, we might wonder how else we live the law today. As we study the revelations to the early Saints and “seek, receive, and act on the Lord’s revelations to [us] personally,” we will know how to live according to the law of consecration today.

Let’s Talk about the Law of Consecration is part of the Let’s Talk About series—small, approachable books on important Latter-day Saint topics, written by trusted, faithful scholars who can thoroughly explain crucial issues in a digestible way. For people who have sincere questions and are seeking answers, this series provides access to the some of the best thinking in the Church.


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