Griffiths, Casey P.

What You Don’t Know about the 100 Most Important Events in Church History

  • Discover intriguing facts about the Church you didn’t know before.

  • Gain a greater appreciation for the role of living prophets in the unfolding restoration of the gospel and an ever-changing world.

  • Learn more about lesser-known and even surprising events in the history of the Latter-day Saints.


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Did you know…

  • Brigham Young made significant changes to the structure of the Church, most of which are still in place today?
  • Communist leaders of East Germany invited the Church to build a temple in their country.
  • Serious consideration was given to building a temple ship that would visit seaports to make ordinances more readily available to Saints around the world?

These facts are just a few of those you’ll fine in What You Don’t Know about the 100 Most Important Events in Church History,a fascinating look at nearly 200 years of the Restoration.

BYU Church history professors Casey Paul Griffiths, Susan Easton Black, and May Jane Woodger have written engaging vignettes about our history, ranging from familiar events, such as the First Vision, the trek west, and the origin of Primary, to not-so-familiar events, such as the retrenchment movement, the political manifesto, and the beginnings of seminaries and institutes.

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