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Ancient America Rediscovered


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Mariano Veytia, Compiled by Donald and David Hemingway. Springville, Utah: Cedar Fort, 2000. softbound, 6×9″, 219 pages.

This is the first English translation of a portion of “Historia Antigua de Mexico” written originally in Spanish by Don Mariano Fernandez de Echevarria Y Veytia (Mariano Veytia) 1720-1778, a celebrated Mexican historian. He relates the history, religious practices, calendars and astronomical calculations as he developed them from the charts, diagrams and paintings of the Native American. Fortunately, many of these records were hidden from the destruction of the early Spanish priests.

Read the fascinating history of the peoples who first came to the Americas, beginning with a group of seven families who left the Tower of Babel at the time of the confusion of tongues. The people of Guatamala recorded that their ancestors were Jews who had left Palestine, or that part of Arabia which is contiguous to the Red Sea. Read of the great civilizations that developed therefrom covering a period of approximately 2400 years. Consider their worship of the great creator God, their ceremonies, doctrines and practices that conformed to Christianity. Study the visit and teachings of a white, bearded man whom they called Quetzalcohuatl. Read of the eclipse and terrible earthquake at the time of the death of Jesus Christ. The reader acquainted with the Book of Mormon will find similar events and practices.

Reflect on the ancient system of time as counted from the creation of the earth with specific years cited for the universal flood, the Tower of Babel, and the birth and death of Christ. Read also of the methods of counting the 13 day weeks, and the 28 week years. The regular year, similar to ours, had 365 days and the leap year, 366 days. These first Americans were far from sometimes designated barbarians.

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