Bradshaw, Jeffrey M.

Tracing Ancient Threads in the Book of Moses, Volume 2: Inspired Origins, Temple Contexts, and Literary Qualities


This is Volume 2 of a two-volume set.

The Book of Moses is an ancient temple text as well as the ideal scriptural context for a modern temple preparation course.”

— Elder Bruce C. Hafen

The two volumes of this book contain the proceedings of the “Tracing Ancient Threads in the Book of Moses” conferences, held on September 18–19, 2020 and April 23–24, 2021. The conferences were sponsored by the Interpreter Foundation, Brigham Young University Religious Education, Book of Mormon Central, and FAIR.

The contributors embrace the idea that authentic history sits behind the records of Joseph Smith’s visions, teachings, translations, and revelations. Here you will discover extraordinary new findings that reveal the inspired origins, temple contexts, and literary qualities of the Book of Moses.


Elder Bruce C. Hafen
Marie K. Hafen
Richard L. Bushman
Jackson Abhau
Matthew L. Bowen
Jeffrey M. Bradshaw
S. Kent Brown
David Calabro
Stanford A. Carmack
Ryan Dahle
Kristine Frederickson
Terryl L. Givens
Matthew J. Grow
Kent P. Jackson
David J. Larsen
Jeff Lindsay
Jared Ludlow
Kerry Muhlestein
Daniel C. Peterson
Jasmin G. Rappleye
Noel B. Reynolds
Jonathon Riley
David Rolph Seely
Jo Ann H. Seely
Avram R. Shannon
Stephen O. Smoot
John W. Welch
Stephen T. Whitlock


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