Bednar, David A.

The Spirit of Revelation


In our rapidly changing world, our need for spiritual guidance has never been greater. As we seek to discern truth amidst the clamor of dissenting voices in order to worship, minister, and lead our families effectively, we rely on the Spirit’s help every day.

”The roles of both the mind and the heart in personal revelation are crucial,” writes Elder David A. Bednar, “and no simple formulas or recommended action steps can guide us through this rigorous spiritual process. Indeed, this book is not an attempt to define how revelation works. Rather, it is a witness and a testimony that revelation does work―and in a multitude and variety of ways.”

In this landmark book, Elder Bednar outlines several principles of revelation, then provides a host of examples in which we can observe these principles in action for ourselves. As we come to recognize the role of revelation in our lives, we can move forward in confidence that the Lord is guiding our steps. As Elder Bednar writes, “If we are striving to be and become good―not perfect right now, but gradually getting better, . . .then indeed we can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We are not ‘preparing to receive revelation’; we are ‘living in revelation.’”


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