Bickmore, Barry Robert

Restoring the Ancient Church: Joseph Smith and Early Christianity, 2nd Edition

This book meticulously examines the earliest teachings of Christianity and how some of those teachings were modified, abandoned, or forgotten in the centuries following the death of the Apostles.


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By exploring the writings of early Christian leaders, Dr. Bickmore is able to recover those early teachings while illustrating the significance they played in the theology and Christology of the pristine Christian Church. Most importantly for Latter-day Saints, Dr. Bickmore demonstrates that many of forgotten early Christian teachings were restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. This 2nd edition is enlarged and revised.
Kindle Edition available on at the following link:
Barry Robert Bickmore, Redding, CA: Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research, Second Edition, 2013, 6×9″ softbound.

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