Horne, Dennis B.

I Know He Lives: How 13 Special Witnesses Came to Know Jesus Christ

Now Available: I Know He Lives: How 13 Special Witnesses Came to Know Jesus Christ

Announcing the release of Dennis B. Horne’s new book, I Know He Lives: How 13 Special Witnesses Came to Know Jesus Christ. This work delves into the life and testimonies of 13 (now deceased) apostles as they gained and shared their special witness of Jesus Christ with the Church and the world.


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Learn what it’s really like to serve as a special witness of Christ. This authoritative volume reveals the real men behind the modern apostolic mantle, focusing on fifteen deceased Apostles and sharing some of their personal trials, weaknesses, and challenges. More important, you’ll learn about the remarkable spiritual experiences that allowed each one to personally testify of the Savior.

Dennis B. Horne was born in Salt Lake City, Utah grew up in Bountiful, Utah. He served in the Missouri Independence Mission and then attended both Brigham Young and Weber State Universities, earning a bachelor’s degree in communications. While finishing his degree, he met and married the late Celia Rae (Benson) Horne. They had two daughters together before Celia passed away. He later met and married Karin Chelsey Nelson, with whom he has one daughter. Dennis worked for a number of years in television broadcasting and then accepted a position with the Materials Management Department of the LDS Church, where he works as a technical writer. He has lived in several location in Davis County, Utah, and now resides in Woods Cross, Utah.

Dennis is the author of several doctrinally and historically oriented books, including Bruce R. McConkie: Highlights from His Life and Teachings; Called of God by Prophecy; An Apostles Record: The Journals of Abraham H. Cannon; Determining Doctrine; and Faith to Heal and Be Healed,

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