Greenwood, Val D.

How Often Would I Have Gathered You

2018 Course of Study – The Old Testament


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Val D. Greenwood.  Softbound, 8×10″, 408 pages.

How Often Would I Have Gathered You takes the reader on a significant journey through the inspirational stories of the Old Testament. Author Val D. Greenwood, a lifelong student of the scriptures, offers a comprehensive and accurate collection of more than 200 stories of the people and prophets of the Old Testament. The reader will find his favorite stories from childhood along with many less familiar but equally moving accounts of faith and devotion presented in the comfortable and reverent style of the author. In addition to memorable stories, the author has included extensive footnotes and reference material for readers seeking an in-depth study of the scriptures of the Old Testament. Written to be understood and appreciated by young and old, the Old Testament comes alive in How Often Would I Have Gathered You.

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