Black, Susan Easton

Down But Not Out: Overcoming Situational Depression


Down but Not Out is a book about overcoming situational depression. What is situational depression? Ask anyone who has lost a loved one, been through a devastating divorce, or any number of life’s challenges. Situational depression begins by stopping you in your tracks taking you out of your normal routine and inhibiting your ability to function normally. Have you ever wondered why some people glide through life and others hit every bump in the road? Why do some feel only temporarily hopeless and bounce back into life’s activities full of energy and creative ideas, ever seeking new avenues for achieving goals, while others never rise to the top again? The answer is, you cannot be a passive participant in rising to the top. You discover the fury of a hurricane by walking against it, not by lying down on the ground. A man who succumbs to the momentary disappointment simply does not know what it would have been like an hour, a week, or a lifetime later if he had faced the disappointment head on. This book will help you successfully navigate through life when you are thrown off your course when the pillars of your happiness are shaken.


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