Everts, Haleigh

Sale! Why I Left the Mormon Church and Came Back


Haleigh Everts’s life looks perfect, with thousands of Youtube subscribers, a loving husband, and an adorable baby—but it’s been a long road to get here. Join her on her journey through conversion, doubts, and the process of returning to a religion she once believed she’d left behind for good. This honest and open look at modern discipleship is a refreshing read!

Why I Left the Mormon Church


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Haleigh Everts has never been a ‘traditional’ Mormon.
After growing up in upstate New York in a non-Mormon family, Haleigh converted to the Church at fifteen. However, after years of heartbreak and doubts, she lost her faith and left the Church altogether. In the months that followed, Haleigh found that her increasingly immoral lifestyle was only making her more and more miserable.
But through experiencing daily miracles

and finding truth in the words of God and His prophets, Haleigh was able to turn her life around, and today, her faith is stronger than it ever was before. See through the eyes of a convert as Haleigh comes to realize the beauty of God’s love, find peace in Christ’s Atonement, and overcome her past to live in her happy forever after. And though your testimony may be challenged at times, learn to strengthen your resolve and have faith that what God promises will always become reality.

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