Bytheway, John

When It Doesn’t Make Sense


We are taught that actions have predictable reactions—but what do we do when those expectations fail us and life doesn’t make sense? We may ask questions like, “Why this? Why now?” and “What have I done to deserve this?” By exploring lessons from the scriptures and modern-day experiences, including the story of Job and the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic, this book examines what theologians call the “law of retribution” and how it has affected our thinking. It will show how Jesus added valuable insight into the different types of adversity that come with living in this fallen world. It will also look at contemporary issues such as modified missions, health trials, and the challenges of Church membership. With hope for the future and the assurance that there will be answers eventually, When It Doesn’t Make Sense will help you feel peace while you wait for your own “eventually.”


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