Tvedtnes, John A.

Traditions About the Early Life of Abraham


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John A. Tvedtnes, Brian M. Hauglid, and John Gee, Provo, Utah: Foundation for Ancient Research & Mormon Studies (FARMS), 2001, Volume 1, Abraham Series, 8.5×11″ hardbound, 608 pages. ISBN: 0934893594

The first book in the FARMS Studies in the book of Abraham series, “Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham” brings together a wide array of ancient accounts touching on the early life of the great patriarch Abraham.

The Book of Abraham, like the book of Mormon, has often come under fire by skeptics and critics who discount its claims to be an ancient text. Traditions assembles under one cover for the first time more than 100 ancient and medieval Abraham stories that are translated into English from Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Persian, Coptic, and Egyptian texts.

Although the number of accounts in Traditions is impressive, the compilers chose to include only those portions of stories that relate to the early life of Abraham up through events covered by the book of Abraham but not found in the Bible.

“This project has been five or six years in the making, and as far as I know, no one, including FARMS, has published anything quite like it before,” says Brian Hauglid.

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