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The Power of Stillness: Mindful Living for Latter-day Saints


Latter-day Saints are great at getting things done. But for some, an over-emphasis on “doing” can cause us to go through the motions and miss the deep, rich spiritual power that can come from being still. Sometimes, we try to dig ourselves out of feeling spiritually drained by doing more. When that doesn’t work, we can feel stuck—and arrive at one of two conclusions: the Church “formula” isn’t working so it must have been wrong to begin with, or maybe something is wrong with us?

There is a third alternative—that our spirituality could reignite by approaching it from a more “mindful” place. When it feels like we’re on a runaway train, mindfulness returns us to a peaceful place where we can observe our thoughts and feelings without jumping on board with them. Using Latter-day Saint vernacular and examples, The Power of Stillness explores the ways in which mindfulness can deepen testimonies of the gospel. Practicing mindful principles can reinvigorate the joy inherent in our faith and helps us feel calmer, more present and engaged in our lives, and more spiritually connected to our Savior.


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