Lawrence, Gary C.

The Magnificent Gift of Agency: To Act and Not Be Acted Upon


Agency is an exciting gift from God— magnificent in scope and opportunity. But without the Atonement of Jesus Christ it would be a prison sentence.

Honoring agency empowers us to run our own lives, sharpens the intellect, produces innovations and prosperity, guides us to use friction to move forward, refines our lives, and even expands humor.

Violating agency leads to pride and the wisdom of the world, corrupts words, concentrates power, fosters unrighteous dominion, sets the stage for tyranny, and turns agents into objects.

Because agency gives us freedom to act, we will make mistakes. The Savior’s sacrifice allows us to repent of those mistakes and thereby learn and progress. Agency is protected. Otherwise an eternity of misery.

Agency and the Savior: together, the gift that leads to exaltation.

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