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The Joseph Smith Papers, Revelations and Translations, Volume 5: Original Manuscript of the Book of Mormon [facsimile edition]

Revelations and Translations, Volume 4 presents three sets of documents: the surviving fragments of the papyri purchased by Joseph Smith and his associates in 1835, the documents they made as they tried to decipher Egyptian characters from the papyri, and the manuscripts and first published version of the Book of Abraham. This book marks the first time that full-color photographs and typographic facsimiles of all these documents have been published in a single volume.


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Volume 5 of the Revelations and Translations series presents all extant fragments of the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon. For the first time ever, researchers will have access to a photograph and color-coded transcripts of each fragment of the manuscript, showing every change made and which scribe made it.

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