Bible vs. The Book of Mormon, The: A Closer Examination (DVD)


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Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research. 2009. DVD. ISBN: 189303609x


In 2006, Living Hope Ministries released a video entitled The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon, which compares evidence for the two books of scripture as authentic ancient religious texts. Citing what they claim are ample evidences for the Bible, they find such evidences lacking in the Book of Mormon. Thus, the producers conclude that The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ is not what it claims to be. FAIR examined the video and found that it fails to account for current LDS and non-LDS scholarship, does not properly represent LDS scripture or doctrine, and contains other misleading information.

In response, the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research (FAIR) interviews anthropologist, linguists, semiticists, and other scholars who correct the errors and misleading information presented by Living Hope Ministries. As they do so, we also discover several evidences supporting LDS claims that The Book of Mormon is an ancient text, which strengthen the case for its divine authenticity. Even so, LDS scholars conclude that the truth claims of both books of scripture cannot be proven through scientific evidence. Rather, the eternal truths taught in scripture must be revealed by God through the power of the Holy Ghost.

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