Allen, Richard J.

Study Commentary on the Old Testament


Truth Eternal: New and Easier Ways to Learn from the Old Testament. This book provides a sequence of down-to-earth weekly lessons to help gospel learners and teachers apply the wisdom of the Old Testament what Paul calls the “First Testament” for the blessing of self, family, and community. The holy scriptures are brought to life in this book through more than one hundred true stories including historical vignettes that illustrate the love and mercy of the Lord for His sons and daughters. Also included are many short dramatic scenes to illustrate how the Lord’s prophets and leaders were taught and blessed through the events unfolded in the scriptural account. Similar short mini-dramas about modern life are included to explore how families especially the youth can increase their faith and joy through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Cross-references to modern scripture are used throughout the book. Truth Eternal is a refreshing garden of savory gems of covenant truth to enrich lives in new and easier ways.


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