Peterson, Daniel C., Vaggalis, Ted

Remembrance and Return: Papers in Honor of Louis C. Midgley

Contains these articles:
  1. Louis Midgley: His Children’s Perspective, Sara Midgley Cope
  2. Appreciating Lou Midgley: A Seminar in Spring Semester 1970, C. Randall Paul
  3. The Ballad of Lou the Mean, William Hamblin
  4. The Theoretical Implications of Aristotle’s Critique of the Best Regimes of the Past, Thomas L. Pangle
  5. Thomas Hobbes’s “A Discourse of Laws,” Noel B. Reynolds
  6. Paul Ricoeur on Scripture, James E. Faulconer
  7. The Problem of Socrates and the First Question of Philosophy, Ted Vaggalis
  8. The Book of Mormon as a Resurrected Book and a Type of Christ, George L. Mitton
  9. Memory and Identity in the Book of Mormon, Steven L. Olsen
  10. Moroni’s Courage: Cultural Devastation, Radical Hope, and the Book of Mormon, Gregory L. Smith
  11. Revisiting Remembrance, Gary F. Novak
  12. Exposing Book of Mormon Plagiarism: A Proposed Solution to the Book’s Authorship, John E. Clark
  13. Isaac Russell and the 1912-1913 Book of Abraham Controversy, Matthew Roper
  14. The Suppression of the Joseph Smith Papyri, John Gee
  15. Architectural Patterns of the Sacred: The Panchayatana Style and Quincunx Design, Stephen D. Ricks and Shirley S. Ricks
  16. A Familiar Eternity, Ralph C. Hancock
  17. The Lord Will Not Forget Them! Maori Seers and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand, Robert Joseph
  18. It’s Hard to Doubt His Sincerity, Daniel C. Peterson
  19. An Essay on the One True Morality and the Principle of Freedom, Alma Don Sorensen
  20. Notice and Value, Kevin Christensen
  21. Separated but Not Divorced: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Its Uncomfortable Relationship with Its Polygamous Past, Craig L. Foster
  22. Midgley Family Photographs
  23. Selected Bibliography of Louis C. Midgley’s Publications (1960-2019).


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