Groberg, John H.

Refuge and Reality: The Blessing of the Temple


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John H. Groberg.  Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Company, 2012.  Softbound, 6.5×9″, 220 pages.

When the heavy troubles of the “real world” bombard your soul, where do you go for refuge?

The peace and safety of the temple make God’s holy house a refuge for many world-weary Saints. When Elder John H. Groberg served as president of the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple, he often encountered Church members who would express their regret at having to leave the temple and reenter the “real world.”

Through treasured experiences and stories, Elder Groberg affirms that the temple represents the “real world” of the eternities. He writes: “That which lasts forever is real; that which does not last forever is not real. The temple is the real world. not this temporal one.”

As we seek to know our real selves and to see the real beauty in the world and people around us, this inspirational volume will direct our understanding toward the eternal answers found in the temple. The hope and strength we need are there: Our mortal burdens are made light, empty longing is filled, and when we leave that holy place, we can take with us the “real world” comfort and power of heaven.

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