Judd, Daniel K.

Let’s Talk About Religion and Mental Health

The Let’s Talk About series will include small, approachable books on important LDS topics—some controversial and others not. Each will be written by trusted, faithful scholars who can thoroughly explain the topic, including crucial key issues to consider, but will be presented in a less scholarly tone than the Gospel Topics essays. For people who have sincere questions and are seeking answers, this series will provide access to the some of the best thinking in the Church.

Why do some of us suffer from mental illness? How can we find a greater measure of peace and well-being? In Let’s Talk about Religion and Mental Health, psychologist Daniel K. Judd explores these questions and more from the perspective of both the restored gospel and modern science. Using examples from Church history, scripture, and his own ministry, Judd illustrates that even the most faithful among us can suffer from mental illness and emotional distress. Modern medical practices, combined with a better understanding of God and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, can help us find the peace we seek and healing for our hearts and minds.


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