Lehi’s Land of First Inheritance (DVD, Asay, Heimerdinger, Allen)

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David C. Asay, Producer.  Chris Heimerdinger, Director with Joseph L. Allen.  DVD.

This beautifully filmed documentary takes you on an incredible journey through Mexico and Guatemala, and provides highlights from more than thirty years of groundbreaking research and travel conducted by renowned LDS scholars.  Based on his highly acclaimed book, Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon, Joseph L. Allen introduces you to some of the astonishing parallels between the Book of Mormon and the archaeology, written language, history, culture and geography of ancient and modern Central America.  Join LDS author Chris Heimerdinger, as Dr. Allen extablishes a standardized criteria for legitimate study of Book of Mromon geography, along with new evidence for Lehi’s landing site and a stunning indepth analysis of the Stelae 5 Tree of Life stone.

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