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Lehi in the Wilderness


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George D. Potter and Richard Wellington, Springville, Utah: Cedar Fort, 2003, 8.5×11″ softbound, 208 pages.

The Book of Mormon begins with a stirring account of LehiÆs family fleeing Jerusalem through the wilderness to a new home in the Americas. For decades, scholars have scoffed at many of the locations and conditions described by LehiÆs son Nephi. This new evidence shows that NephiÆs account is completely accurate.

Two Latter-day Saints, with unprecedented access to the lands of the Middle East, have completed a six-year odyssey documenting the actual locations of LehiÆs journey from Jerusalem to the land of Bountiful. Their discoveries give tangible proof of the locations described by Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

Through the authorsÆ detailed descriptions, careful research, and spectacular photographs, such places as the River of Laman, the Valley of Lemuel, and the Land of Bountiful come alive. The authors also make clear where Nephi could have found wood to replace his broken bow, why the Lord commanded them not to build fires, and how Nephi could have built a ship to cross the sea.

Follow these modern explorers as they share 81 evidences that validate the Book of Mormon account.


1. Discovering the Valley of Lemuel

2. Jerusalem and the Way of the Wilderness

3. The River of Laman and Valley of Lemuel

4. Lehi’s Trail to Southern Arabia

5-8 Discovering Bountiful

9. Discovering Nephi’s Harbor

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