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Follow Lehi’s footsteps and retrace his incredible journey from Jerusalem to the New World. Lehi in Arabia will enable you to visualize what it was like for Lehi and his family to travel for eight years through the wilderness, including theValley of Lemuel, Nahom, and Bountiful. Stunning images shot on location over three years bring the rich culture of the Middle East alive and invite a new appreciation for this inspiring story.

This comprehensive documentary follows expeditions to remote locations on the Arabian Peninsula as potential Bountiful candidates are explored and compared with the scriptural criteria.
Narrated by Scot Facer Proctor (Meridian Magazine) and featuring onsite interviews with Noel Reynolds, Warren Aston, botanists, archaeologists, geologists and cultural historians, this ground-breaking feature length documentary explores the entire Old World setting of this sacred text.
Covering more than 30 years of exploration and research, Lehi In Arabia includes new scholarly insights and exciting discoveries made in the last few years. It is a captivating lesson resource and the perfect companion for personal and family Book of Mormon study.
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