Joseph Smith, American Prophet (Blu-ray)

Dramatic reenactments, scholarly commentary, and gripping narration take the viewer on a journey through the Prophet Joseph’s life in this documentary originally aired on PBS television in October 2017.


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Millions of people around the world know of him. Yet this American frontier prophet of the early 1800s found little honor and eventual martyrdom at the hands of an angry mob in his own country. Who was this Joseph Smith, and what was it about his remarkable life story that inspired such impassioned rancor or unflinching loyalty and even reverence?

Special Features

  •  (110 min)
  • Early Appeal of Mormonism
  • The Making Of (Behind the Scenes)
  • Defining a Prophet
  • Emma
  • Artists’ Images of Joseph
  • The Joseph Smith Papers
  • The Martyrdom
  • Mormons and Masonry
  • Plural Marriage
  • Joseph the Seer

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