Sperry Symposium

How and What You Worship: Christology and Praxis in the Revelations of Joseph Smith (49th Annual BYU Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium)


Section 93 of the Doctrine and Covenants deals with concepts that scholars term Christology and praxis. Christology has to do with the study of Christ’s nature, while praxis involves religious practice. That this revelation should insist on both the how and the what of worship indicates that knowledge and practice are inseparable. As this volume demonstrates, Joseph Smith’s revelations and teachings constitute a unique textual setting to analyze this relationship. This book focuses on both the person of Christ and the practice of worshiping him as outlined in the revelations of Joseph Smith. More specifically, it helps readers understand Christ as revealed to Joseph Smith and clarifies the practices required of those who worship a being who grew “from grace to grace.”


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