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History of the Saints: The Kingdom Endures, Season 3 (DVD)


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American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, 2013.  Handcarts in ’56 to the Building of the St. George Temple. 30 episodes on 8 DVDs, Running time 14 hours.

Famines, plagues, weather, and wars—all of this beset the Latter-day Saints as they established themselves across the Great Basin and the Intermountain West. Under the direction of President Brigham Young, they not only endured but also prospered against all odds. And from all over the world, they gathered to Zion, her stakes, and the remote villages of the territory of Utah. This third-season compilation tells the remarkable story of the handcart pioneers, including the ordeal of the Willie and Martin companies. There is the travesty of the Utah War and later the American Civil War, with the impact of both on the Saints. As the kingdom grows, a sense of permanence and grandeur enters into the great buildings of Mormonism, some of which stand to this day. The tender story is told of the return of Martin Harris to the Church and to Utah. Likewise, the hand of the Almighty is witnessed as the Relief Society is once more organized under the direction of Eliza R. Snow. Then comes the war on polygamy waged by the United States government— a war that lasted into the twentieth century. And finally, the season is brought to a close with the last days of the administration of Brigham Young and the accomplishment of one his life’s greatest dreams—the dedication of a temple in Utah. The stories chronicled in this series are the careful tellings of sacred history that are meant to teach and inspire across the generations.

This 8-DVD compilation contains all 30 episodes as seen on television and is fully indexed.

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