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History of the Saints: Building Zion, Season 2 (DVD)


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American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, 2012.  Arrival in the Valley to the Famine of ’56. 35 episodes on 9 DVDs

In Season One of the History of the Saints television series, the producers brought you from Nauvoo,

across the plains, and to the Salt Lake Valley with the Mormon Vanguard Company in July 1847. Now, in this eagerly awaited second-season compilation, the story continues with the building up of Zion in the West, the struggles against nature to survive those first years in a wilderness, the ongoing challenges of emigration and bringing the Saints across sea and trail, the hopes for statehood, and the establishment of settlements throughout the West.
Along the way, there are small but meaningful personal stories embedded in the larger story of Church history, such as the return of Oliver Cowdery to the Church, the discovery of gold in California, and the tragic story of the Indians in Utah.This documentary collection moves chronologically from 1847 to 1856 through Church and Western American history in remarkable detail and showcases the latest in informed scholarship and inspiring and informative visuals. It is a must for all who enjoy history and Latter-day Saint heritage.

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