Pinegar, Ed J.

God the Father: Our Loving and Compassionate Heavenly Father


While we believe in the existence of God, we need to truly seek to know Him and to do His will. In God the Father, best-selling author Ed J. Pinegar presents an illuminating introduction to the goodness and perfections of God the Father and how all things are done to bless His children. Featuring scriptural documentation, as well as a wealth of prophetic and apostolic insights, this volume presents a comprehensive view of the Father, with wide-ranging topics designed to aid His children in their efforts to know Him and love Him.


* The true nature and reality of God

* How to embrace His plan for His children

* The role of God’s law in opposition, temptation, and agency

* The innumerable blessings available to those who love, have faith in, and trust Him

* How to fulfill our destiny as devoted children of God and seek to please Him in all things

This inspiring discussion gently guides readers to take the vital first step in shifting from simple belief in God’s existence to a deeper knowledge of who He truly is and how He loves and ministers to His children. It will help you see many of the things you can do to demonstrate your love for Heavenly Father.


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