Lane, Jennifer C.

Finding Christ in the Covenant Path: Ancient Insights for Modern Life


Finding Christ in the Covenant Path offers a fresh but faithful focus on the journey of covenant discipleship through the double lens of ancient words and medieval images. The first part of the book helps us better understand Christ’s identity as our Redeemer by exploring the ancient words that connect covenants, redemption, worship, the presence of the Lord, and sitting down enthroned in God’s presence as his children and heirs.

The second part explores the price Christ paid to redeem us. It uses medieval devotional images, particularly of Christ and his Atonement, to help us more clearly behold Christ’s love and mercy in the gospel ordinances. With scriptural analysis and personal stories of finding Christ in the covenant path amid modern challenges, the book illuminates the connections between covenants, ordinances, and Christ’s Atonement to help us more fully rely on our Redeemer and trust the ransom price he paid.


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About the Author

Jennifer C. Lane is a professor of religious education and is currently serving as the dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University–Hawaii. She received her PhD from Claremont Graduate University in religion with an emphasis in history of Christianity and her MA and BA from Brigham Young University in ancient Near Eastern studies and history, respectively. In addition to her work on late medieval piety and Jerusalem pilgrimage, for over twenty-five years she has researched and published on ancient scripture and the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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