Nash, Brittany Chapman, Turley, Richard

Fearless in the Cause: Remarkable Stories from Women in Church History


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Editors: Brittany Chapman Nash and Richard E. Turley Jr.  Salt Lake City, UT: Deseret Book Company, 2016.  Hardbound, 6.25×8.25″, 141 pages.



When Laura Clark Phelps’s husband was unjustly arrested and held in jail, she launched a daring effort to free him. Rosa Friedlander Logie survived a shipwreck on her journey to Zion and spent two months on a remote South Pacific island. Sarah Louisa Yates Robison didn’t know she had been called to serve in the new Relief Society general presidency until she raised her hand in general conference to sustain herself.

These and other remarkable women, some with names we recognize and some with names that are less well known, offer incredible examples of strength and courage throughout early Latter-day Saint history.

Their stories of overcoming such challenging personal circumstances as a diagnosis of cancer, an abusive husband, or the loss of children provide rich insights into the faith that inspired these heroic women to embrace opportunities they might not have chosen for themselves.

Whether you are seeking to fortify your own faith or to give the gift of inspiration to another, Fearless in the Cause reminds women everywhere, in every situations, that the Lord is always near.

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