Gardner, Brant A.

Engraven Upon Plates, Printed Upon Paper: Textual and Narrative Structures of the Book of Mormon


In Engraven Upon Plates, Printed Upon Paper: Textual and Narrative Structures of the Book of Mormon, author Brant A Gardner delves into the intriguing layers of composition and historical context of the Book of Mormon. While taking seriously the implications for what it means for this book of scripture to be a translation of an ancient record written by historical persons, Gardner explores the translation process of the Book of Mormon, analyzing three compositional layers: the nineteenth-century text, the Nephite Book of Mormon, and the Nephite writers and their sources. This work contributes to a deeper understanding of the origins and compositional history of the Book of Mormon, without aiming to serve as an apologetic defense.


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  • “There is no more intelligent or systematic analysis of the Book of Mormon’s composition, translation, structure, themes, and purposes than Brant Gardner’s Engraven Upon Plates, Printed Upon Paper.” — Don Bradley
  • “This expansive study immediately rises to the top of must-read resources relative to the Book of Mormon.” — Kerry Hull
  • “Any reader seeking a deeper insight into construction and realization of the Book of Mormon text will find much to admire in this project.” — Nicholas J. Frederick
  • “No one person has made a more thorough attempt to account for all the historical dimensions of the Book of Mormon.” — Joseph M. Spencer
  • “Yields an array of insights into the Book of Mormon as we have it today. . . . Every one interested in the origins, composition, and purpose of the text should carefully consider each of the textual layers Garder has identified.” — Neal Rappleye

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