Gee, John, Hoskisson, Paul Y., Ricks, Stephen, Smith, Robert F.

Dictionary of Proper Names & Foreign Words in the Book of Mormon


This book is the first ever comprehensive study of the nearly 400 proper names and foreign words in the Book of Mormon, the results of more than ten years of cooperative investigation by individuals with expertise in the languages of the ancient world. This dictionary contains an extensive examination of the etymologies of each of the names and foreign terms in the Book of Mormon.


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“From Abinadi to Zoram, this significant volume examines more than 350 proper names and foreign words in the Book of Mormon. Authored by four accomplished scholars–Stephen D. Ricks, Paul Y. Hoskisson, Robert F. Smith, and John Gee–this work elevates Book of Mormon scholarship to a new level.”  — Donald W. Parry

“Your Dictionary of Proper Names and Foreign Word in the Book of Mormon, is scholarly, insightful, and has given me much to reflect on. This is an amazing contribution to Book of Mormon scholarship.” — Susan Easton Black

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