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Mark Swint. Springville, Utah: Horizon, 2009. Softbound, 6×9”, 175 pgs. ISBN: 9780882909608


Why did Nephi feel compelled to quote from Isaiah, a prophet who lived 100 years before he did? Why was Abinadi willing to give up his life to cite a passage of Isaiah to King Noah?

Author Mark Swint answers these questions and more in Compare Isaiah: Understanding Biblical Scriptures in the Book of Mormon. Discover how the words of Isaiah influenced Nephi, Abinadi, Mormon, and others, and examine why they were included in the Book of Mormon.

You’ll learn:

Why Isaiah is the source of over 85 percent of the biblical scriptures in the Book of Mormon;



What the differences are between the words of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon and the Bible;

Why the Savior would quote Malachi to the Nephites; and



How the Savior adapted the Sermon on the Mount to his audiences.

Mark Swint has provided a valuable resource for the average student as well as the serous scholar in understanding Isaiah. With Swint’s expert guidance, the words of Isaiah, Malachi, and the Sermon on the Mount become easier to understand and simpler to apply. As you learn about the importance of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon, you also come to understand the importance of the Lord’s divine plan for all of us.

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