Parry, Donald W., Welch, John W.

Chiasmus: The State of the Art


This special issue on chiasmus includes fourteen papers that were presented at “Chiasmus: An Open Conference on the State of the Art,” held at Brigham Young University on August 15-16, 2017, and one additional article. These articles demonstrate the current state of the art of chiastic analysis in a wide array of languages and texts, including the Bible, Book of Mormon, Babylonian epics, and Mayan inscriptions. These articles identify chiastic structures and show how chiasmus provides order and beauty and points to the focus of a text. Articles also review the criteria for the identification of a chiasmus. This issue includes a bibliography of recommended sources for the study of chiasmus.


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Donald W. Parry
John W. Welch

Introduction Pg. 5

Gary A. Rendsburg

Article Pg. 17

John W. Welch

Article Pg. 151

Neal Rappleye

Article Pg. 289

Boyd F. Edwards
W. Farrell Edwards

Article Pg. 311

Stephen Kent Ehat

Article Pg. 319

Selected Bibliography on Chiasmus, 1980–2020
BYU Studies Staff

Bibliography Pg. 343

Index of Scriptures and Other Sources
BYU Studies Staff

Index Pg. 359

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