Monson-Burton, Marianne

Celebrating Passover: A Guide to Understanding the Jewish Feast for Latter-day Saints


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Marianne Monson-Burton, Preface by Victor L. Ludlow, Ph.D.  Springville, Utah:  Cedar Fort Inc., 2004.  Softbound, 6×9″, 170 pages.

While participating in Passover meals and observances is not a part of designated Latter-day Saint rituals, many participants see the activity as a way to re-enact the observance as it was structured in Old Testament times, and tie it to their modern-day Easter celebrations of the atoning sacrifice and glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With this in mind, many have expressed a desire for more information on how to combine the two events effectively.

To meet this need, Celebrating Passover recounts the history of the Passover feast, including its importance, origins, symbolism, and developments through time. Then, it corrrelates the Passover observance with Christ’s life and LDSbeliefs and prophecies, explaining differences in the emphasis and showing how to prepare a modern Latter-day Saint Passover observance that truly is Christ-centered.

Celebrating Passover provides all the information needed for modern LDSfamilies to hold a gospel-oriented Passover celebration that respects the Old Testament Passover instructions but still focuses on the mission and gospel-centered message of salvation through Jesus Christ. This well-written, highly informative book provides a complete script, recipes, music, and all the instructions needed for a meaningful, joyous celebration.

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I enjoyed this book. My own Jewish background made me ever aware of how the author would treat the observance and ritual. In the end, it is done with a sense of deep affection and respect for the Passover celebration, and the grand meaning behind it. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to study this interesting subject.

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