Webb, Stephen H. and Gaskill, Alonzo L.

Catholic and Mormon: A Theological Conversation


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Stephen H. Webb and Alonzo L. Gaskill.  New York, New York, 2015.  Hardbound, 6.25×9.5″, 229 pages.

What could Roman Catholicism and Mormonism possilby have to learn from each other?  On the surface, they seem to diverge on nearly every point, from their liturgical forms to their understanding of history.  With its ancient roots, Catholicism is a continuous tradition, committed to the conservation of the creeds, while Mormonism teaches that the landscape of Christian history is riddled with errors and apostasy and in need of radical revision and spiritual healing.  Additionally, successful proselyting efforts by Mormons in formerly Catholic strongholds have increased opportuniities for misunderstanding, polemic, and prejudice between the two faiths.  However, as demonstrated in this unique and spirited dialogue between two theologians, one a convert to Catholicism and the other a convert to Mormonism, these two traditions are much closer to each other than many assume, including in their treatment of central doctrines such as authority, grace, Jesus, Mary, and revelation.

Both Catholicism and Mormonism have ambitiously universal views of the Christian faith, and readers will be surprised by how close Catholics and Mormons are on a number of topics and how these traditions, probed to their depths, shed light on each other in fascinating and unexpected ways.  Catholic and Mormon is an invitation to the reader to engage in a discussion that makes understanding the goal, and marks a beginning for a dialogue that will become increasingly important in the years to come.

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