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Book of Mormon Reference Companion

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Dennis L. Largey (Editor), Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Company, 2003, hardbound, 850 pages. ISBN: 1573452319

From the Publisher

In my work as an editor, I often need to consult a Bible dictionary to refresh my memory about a point of doctrine, the meaning of an obscure term, or some other bit of information. I’ve often wished over the years that we had such a book about the Book of Mormon–a volume I could go to that would have information on just about everything I could possibly want to know about that book of scripture, all in one place.

I didn’t think it was really possible, of course–what a monumental undertaking that would be. But it has been done! Never, in more than twenty- five years of working in LDS publishing, have I encountered a book like the Book of Mormon Reference Companion. This astonishing project, the work of 111 respected scholars, has hundreds and hundreds of entries on topics from “Israel, Historical Background of” to “Archeantus” (do you know who he is?) to “Priesthood among the Nephites” to “Tree of Life” to “Samuel the Lamanite” to “Zarahemla, Land of and City of.” It discusses people, places, doctrines, definitions of terms, and other items of interest such as a four- page chart showing Hebraisms in the Book of Mormon. There are outlines of each of the books in the Book of Mormon, and a full discussion of each of the Isaiah chapters. There are even nearly 30 entries just about the Book of Mormon itself, from “Book of Mormon, ancient Near Eastern roots of” to “Book of Mormon, what it says about the Bible.”

Besides all this, the book boasts color photographs and illustrations throughout! This is so neat! For example, imagine how it enhances our understanding of Jacob’s allegory of the olive tree to see photographs of several different olive trees, some with grafted branches. I love this attention to detail that can make our experience with the Book of Mormon so much more rich.

Just as you don’t have to be a scholar to use a dictionary, you don’t need to be a Book of Mormon “expert” to appreciate and enjoy this great reference book. It is an absolute staple for anyone who wants to study and understand the Book of Mormon better than ever before!

Emily Watts

Deseret Book Company



About The Book

For many years, Bible dictionaries have been written and published to assist readers in better understanding the scriptures. As helpful as those works are, Latter-day Saints have often wished for an encyclopedic dictionary devtored entirely to the Book of Mormon. Now, with the publication of the Book of Mormon Reference Companion, that work is at last available. This magnificent volume addresses more than 1,500 topics on the Book of Mormon: people, places, words, phrases, doctrines, purposes, themes, historical background, and much more—all conveniently collected under one cover. In addition, it contains numerous maps, illustrations, outlines, and photographs to enhance your study of the foundational scripture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The entries have been prepared by some of the finest scholars in the Church—faculty members from Brigham Young University, researchers from the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS), and educators from the Church Educational System. Contributors include Joseph L. Allen, Richard L. Anderson, Marilyn Arnold, Susan E. Black, Jack R. Christensen, Camille Fronk, C. Wilfred Griggs, Paul V. Johnson, Robert J. Norman, Monte S. Nyman, Donald W. Parry, Daniel C. Peterson, Larry C. Porter, Stephen D. Ricks, Stephen E. Robinson, Andrew C. Skinner, Royal Skousen, M. Catherine Thomas, John W. Welch, and many others—111 in all—making this a truly interdisciplinary and authoritative work that you will pick up again and again for reference and reading individually and with your family.

The Book of Mormon Reference Companion includes—

+ Entries on the Book of Mormon from A to Z.

+ A split-column reference style.

+ Explanations and outlines of each Isaiah chapter in the Book of Mormon.

+ Concise explanations of topics followed by a more in-depth treatment.

+ An internal reference system to guide the reader to related articles.

+ An appendix containing significant statements by prophets, apostles, and other general authorities about the Book of Mormon; a study guide for teachers and students, with entries corresponding to typical Book of Mormon reading assignments; and definitions of selected words from WebsterÆs 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language.

The Book of Mormon Reference Companion is the first work of its scope ever published on the Book of Mormon. If you desire to improve your understanding of the book of scripture that is a second witness of Jesus Christ, this volume will become an indispensable part of your gospel library.

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