Nibley, Hugh

The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Volume 9: Approaching Zion


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Hugh W. Nibley; Don E. Norton (Editor). Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Company, 1993, The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Volume 9, hardbound, 637 pages.

When shall we see Zion? In 1833 the Lord told Joseph Smith, “There is now even already in store sufficient, yea, even an abundance, to redeem Zion, and establish her waste places, no more to be thrown down, were the churches, who call themselves after my name, willing to hearken to my voice.” (D&C 101:75). In Approaching Zion, Nibley echoes this message; that the Latter-day Saints will see Zion when they stop seeking after Babylon. It also contains Nibley’s essays on the uses of wealth, consecration, the Zion society, spiritual gifts, and the atonement.

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