England, Breck

The Bright and Morning Star: Finding and Following Jesus in the Book of Revelation


Why is the book of Revelation so baffling? Why have students of the New Testament struggled to understand it for centuries?

Because the key to interpreting Revelation was lost long ago. Now it has been restored. For Latter-day Saints, the solution to the problem of this last book of the New Testament is the temple.

In Revelation, we follow the Savior through the temple, receiving tokens of eternal promises, experiencing the great tribulation of mortality, and arriving at the veil where we may enter His presence. The Bright and Morning Star explains each step along that path by citing ancient and modern prophets as well as the best in scholarship. The mysteries and symbols of Revelation become clear as we relate them to the ordinances of the holy temple.


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I rely on the temple for insights into the true meaning of the scriptures. In The Bright and Morning Star, my good friend and fellow scripture student Breck England has done that for Revelation, clearing the path through John’s intricate visions, helping us to find and follow Christ. This book is a revelation!
–Taylor Halverson, director, Scripture Central

This book sets aside the fixation on when “I come quickly’ and redirects our focus on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and our Father’s eternal plan. I loved this book; I found it both engaging and revelatory and a new look at scripture of great importance today.
–Heidi Swinton, author of American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith

The Bright and Morning Star opens our eyes to the blessings of peace we can enjoy because of the temple despite the prophesied troubles of the world around us.
–Ardeth Kapp, former general president of the Young Women

Whether or not one agrees with every detail of Breck England’s interpretation, he has pointed us in the right direction by encouraging us to take the temple ordinances as a lamp to guide us as we explore Revelation’s rich treasures of truth. God invites us to come to the temple repeatedly not only because it is a place of peace and supernal service, but also because He wants us to make it a house of learning. The more we understand about the temple, the more we will understand Revelation, and vice versa. When opened to our minds and hearts with this key to understanding—to which England correctly points us—the book of Revelation, like Elijah’s miraculous cruse of oil, will prove an inexhaustible source of nourishment, providing hope and light during the dark days of mortality as we prepare for the advent of perfect light ahead.
–Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, independent scholar

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