Nibley, Hugh

Teachings of the Book of Mormon, Part 2

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Hugh W. Nibley, American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, 2004, 7×9″ softbound, 384 pages. ISBN: 1591565723

Transcripts of lectures presented to an Honors Book of Mormon class at Brigham Young University, 1988-1990.

It contains lectures on Mosiah 6 through Alma 36-41.

Hugh Nibley is one of the best-known and most highly revered of Latter-day Saint scholars. For over forty years this near-legendary teacher has enthralled his readers and listeners with his encyclopedic knowledge, his wit, and his untiring research in defense of Latter-day Saint beliefs.

Now you can join Dr. Nibley in the second of four Honors Book of Mormon classes that he taught at BYU during 1988—90.

Part two covers Mosiah 6 through Alma 41 in twenty-seven lectures. It is vintage Nibley, with his insights, humor, and passionate convictions, discussing a book that he loves and knows so well. Nearly twenty-seven hours of learning.

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