Roberts, B.H.

Mormon Doctrine of Deity


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B.H. Roberts; Bountiful, Utah: Horizon Publishers, 6×9″ hardbound, 304 pages.

This classic book is by Elder Brigham H. Roberts, a General Authority noted for his doctrinal knowledge and literary skills. Elder Roberts was a member of the First Council of Seventy for 45 years until his death in 1933.

Mormon Doctrine of Deity is one of the most comprehensive statements and scriptural presentations of the Latter-day Saint doctrine of the nature of God in print. In 1901, Elder Roberts set forth with clarity the Latter-day Saint doctrine concerning God in a talk to several of the Salt Lake City Mutual Improvement Associations. His discourse was published in the Improvement Era.

Reverend C. Van Der Donckt, of Pocatello, Idaho, a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, wrote a reply to it. In his reply he eloquently set forth the typical Catholic and Protestant view. Elder Roberts then wrote a skillful rejoinder to Reverend Van Der Donckt, which answered his assertions with forthright clarity. This book includes Elder Roberts’ original discourse, the Catholic Reverend’s challenge, and Elder Roberts’ reply. To these items Elder Roberts added a collection of passages from Mormon works setting forth numerous other aspects of the LDS views of Deity. Discourses on the Godhead by Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, and Joseph F. Smith have also been included.

Mormon Doctrine of Deity is highly readable. It is scriptural, it is logical, it is comprehensive. This book has been photographed from the original 1903 edition.

The defense resulted when two local ministers criticized Latter-day Saint beliefs about God in 1901. Roberts replied calling modern theologies “paganized Christianity”—a characterization that prompted the now famous rebuttal from the reverend Cyril van der Donckt of Pocatello, Idaho. To this, Roberts penned an even more comprehensive rejoinder. The book not only showcases two brilliant, quick-witted theologians, it also surveys authoritative historical sources for both the Latter-day Saint and conventional Christian beliefs about God.

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