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Critiquing the Critics of Joseph Smith


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Hartt Wixom, Springville, Utah: Cedar Fort, 2005, 6×9″ softbound, 223 pages.

Critiquing the Critics of Joseph Smith is what it purports to be: an answer to those who challenge the authenticity of the first prophet of the restored Church.

Award-winning author Hartt Wixom doesn’t answer the critics through the normal route taken by Latter-day Saints by suggesting faith, prayer, and confirmation of truth through the Holy Spirit. Rather, he appeals to empiricism by closely examining the claims of anti-Mormon writers. He also scrutinizes the historical validity of their arguments by measuring their assertions against internal and external cohesiveness, common sense, and intellectual inquiry.

Fawn Brodie, the most decorated of all anti-Mormon critics, comes under special scrutiny for her ample contributions to historical inaccuracy. Readers will see for themselves that Brodie and other critics of the Mormon Church have often been strangers to the truth.

Scientific inquiry cannot prove that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but Critiquing the Critics of Joseph Smith shows the fallacy of trying to prove that he was not who and what he said he was. Readers of this book will realize that Joseph’s claims of divine inspiration remain the best explanation for his significant work and legacy.

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